I teach people how to love themself. I believe life is a school of wisdom, self-love and loyalty to
ourself. The more we achieve faith in ourself, the more we can express that faith in our
interactions with humanity through our deeds and with God through prayer.

I have a B.A. degree in English from the University of Southern California. An M.A. in
Education from Cal-State L.A., and an M.A. in English with an emphasis in Linguistic from San
Francisco State. I’ve taught English, English as a Second Language, drama and dance. I speak
some French, Hebrew, Dutch and Spanish from having lived five years abroad. My linguistic
research has been published in Great Britain with Cambridge University Press. And my
groundbreaking study of gay metaphoric speech has been a topic of academic interest worldwide,
including Denmark and Taiwan. In the United States I am a published author and lecturer on
topics of self-love.

I’ve written a two-volume series on the Hebrew Scripture {Tanach/the Old Testament}; a three-
volume series on the Christian Scripture {The New Testament}; and a seven-volume series on
the Quran {The Islamic Holy Book}. If there is a God, then there can only be one God. And if
there’s only one God, then each of the Western scriptures must be an aspect of His Message.
Therefore, it behooves us to look more deeply than we have at a personal awakening to God’s
Presence. In this regard, I’ve applied figurative speech, specifically metaphors, symbols and
similes to the literal words of these scriptures. I’ve also written books about the contributions
from God anonymously through Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. I call this study of the seven
paths to God (which includes indigenism), “Spiritual Linguistics.”

Our parents didn’t teach us what we needed to know to live in this world. They only modeled
how to survive. We’re an “I” in an “it”. Our head, heart and soul each hold a specific spiritual
function, as do our navel and genitals. Our body is a metaphor for our reason for being. I can
help you get your head out of your ass. What you want and wish for can be attained with a deeper
understanding of the power of hope and prayer.

— Barry Emanuel Zeve


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