I’m a self-ordained, gay rabbi and Jew-ru. I’m also a world class expert on insanity, having tried to kill myself three times and involuntarily committed to mental institutions twice. I was also addicted to drugs, alcohol, food and sex, but I’ve been clean and sober for over 40 years.

If you feel you’ve become an expert on pain and/or suffering over your lifetime, I think I can help you help yourself. I’ve written 32 books on spirituality; produced over five hundred 3-minute TikTok videos; and several longer YouTube videos on the Spiritual Operating System (S.O.S.) that runs us all.

People come to my TikTok class whenever they like. This website is the resource for our class. Everything is free of charge. I don’t want you to have to pay for something that cost me so dearly.

I employ the major world scriptures, chronologically Given by God as:

Indigenism [prayer] 🙏
Hinduism [navel: self-contemplation] 🕉️
Judaism [head: wisdom] ✡️
Buddhism [genitals: desire] ☸️
Taoism: [anus: questioning paradox] ☯️
Christianity [heart: love] ✝️
Islam [soul: loyalty] ☪️

3,800 years ago, our indigenist ancestors 🙏 unified their belief in millions of gods through Hinduism 🕉️, using Brahma consciousness as their goal, achievable through reincarnation. It became apparent to ancient man that there was a spiritual method under Construction, even if it would take many lifetimes to achieve it.

Today most people intuit that there’s only One God Who Is everyone’s Teacher. We’ve all been Enrolled in the school of life, and we’re all going to graduate. Nobody really knows if anyone’s going to have to come back to go to this school again. But we all hope that others’ grades aren’t going on our report card.

My major in this school is me. I believe I have the tools (wisdom, love and loyalty) to teach you how to achieve a Ph.D. in you.

You’re a forbidden tree of knowledge 🌴,🌲,🌳… planted as a seed in a field that you’re turning into a garden. There’s a defiant serpent 🐍 in your tree or worm 🪱 in your apple. But everyone becomes defiant in their own way. So, be sure your defiance develops into opposition of yourself, with God as your Witness. I can only suggest how to do that. You have to make your conscience your guide.

Marriage equality is the Achilles heel of all religious fundamentalists. They suffer an unexamined projection of their desire for forbidden fruit. These fruits (good 🍎 and evil 🍏) hang down from every man’s tree of knowledge. The juice of these fruits corresponds to the words of the serpent that are first uttered by every boy at puberty.

Moses was literally referring to semen when he described the serpent in this tree as beguiling. But figuratively, the metaphoric words of Moses have inspired the Jewish people ✡️ for 3,400 years. His words later inspired Jesus ✝️ and the Prophet Muhammed ☪️.

Although self-ignorance is universal, guilt unites us all. Guilt consists of embarrassment, shame and humiliation. Embarrassment of your body can be plummeted with modesty; shame of your character with humility; and humiliation of your circumstances with loyalty to life.

🌈 = 🇮🇱/🇵🇸
The institutions of the Abrahamic faiths – Judaism ✡️, Christianity ✝️ and Islam ☪️ – are all partially right and partially wrong. Hope 🌈 for the future won’t be achieved until marriage equality will be created in a Palestinian state 🇵🇸 side by side with Israel 🇮🇱. Without an understanding of the importance of all the world’s faiths in mastering our Spiritual Operating System, peace within and peace on Earth can’t happen.

Because my unorthodox curriculum uses metaphors, symbols and similes to unlock scripture, you’ll find me to be an unusual tutor in the school of life. The philosophy I’ve developed, which an androgynous student of mine dubbed “Barryology,” will teach you how to become increasingly more intimate with yourself.

Our Teacher Is Teaching us individually how to become wise, loving and loyal to ourself. The more we achieve a head ✡️, heart ✝️ and soul ☪️, the more genuinely we’re able to express our faith in ourself through our interactions with humanity, and with God through prayer 🙏.
Don’t be afraid of God 🙏🕉️✡️☸️☯️✝️☪️.
We 🏳️‍🌈 in the LGBTQ+ community aren’t.
Keep hope 🌈 alive by actualizing your potential and improving your grades.
Rome wasn’t built in a day. Rome was built day-by-day.
You don’t have to roam about inside yourself any longer.

— Barry Emanuel Zeve


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